Latest Destiny Patch Introduces Changes To Strikes And Rise Of Iron’s Archon’s Forge


After waiting patiently for what felt like eons, fans of Bungie’s Destiny finally saw the arrival of the open-world shooter’s Rise of Iron expansion last week, bringing with it a healthy dose of new content to keep Guardians busy until the inevitable launch of Destiny 2.

Along with a new social space, Strikes, story missions and endgame raid, Rise of Iron saw Guardians’ Light level caps raise from 335 to a new lofty high of 400, and while that new number won’t be attainable until Bungie sees fit to release a Hard Mode version of Wrath of the Machine, that hasn’t stopped players from exploiting various loopholes in order to reach the cap as fast as possible.

Along with hotfixes to address those issues, Bungie’s introduced a few tweaks to the new Archon’s Forge feature in order to make it more accessible, as well as some fixes to various bugs.

See the full patch notes below.


  • Fixed an issue where the Abomination Heist Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter’s Run Strike was not dropping rewards with the correct Light
  • Fixed an issue where the Echo Chamber Strike was appearing in the wrong playlist
  • Omnigul will now drop rewards once during a Strike and will require the Strike to be finished to drop additional rewards

Archon’s Forge

  • Quarantine Patrols will now always drop an Archon’s Forge Offering upon killing the Splicer Priest in the second phase of the Activity
  • Archon’s Forge has a higher chance to drop Offerings upon completion

Rise of Iron could well be the last content expansion planned for Destiny before a sequel launches at some point in 2017. If you’re worried about the inevitable content drought, Bungie’s hoping to combat that with various upcoming events, including the return of the Sparrow Racing League and Festival of the Lost, not to mention Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner.