First Mew-Genics Trailer Has A Catchy Tune And A Giant Exploding Cat

The first teaser trailer for Mew-Genics — Team Meat’s upcoming “cat lady sim” — does not make any attempt to reveal actual gameplay, but it does feature a disturbingly catchy tune and some rather… interesting concepts.

We are still not exactly sure how the gameplay in Mew-Genics will work, but if the teaser trailer is any indication we are in for a wild ride. Aside from the fun theme song, the trailer includes thousands of microscopic cat heads being injected into another cat, a cat that shoots baby cats out of its butt, a large pile of discarded cats, and one giant cat that explodes into a shower of digital felines.

Oh, and apparently if you rub two cats together one of them instantly gets really fat. Who knew!

Currently, Mew-Genics has a soft 2014 release window — Team Meat is taking a “it’s done, when it’s done” approach with this one — for the iPad and PC. Other platforms are not entirely ruled out at this point, and I personally have my fingers crossed for an iPhone version. If it is just on the iPad, that means I will have to “borrow” my wife’s, and I’m not technically allowed to take it into the bathroom with me.

At any rate, check out the Mew-Genics teaser trailer embedded above and we will keep you updated on any new information about the game as soon as it is announced.