Leaked Fortnite Event Could Hint At Season 10 Theme


As always, the arrival of Fortnite‘s current season triggered several drastic changes to the battle royale’s map as well as introducing a new overall theme. This time around, Battle Island was given a futuristic coat of paint to replace its predecessor’s swashbuckling pirate leanings, but what lies ahead? There are still several weeks to go until Season 9 reaches its end, of course, but that hasn’t stopped fans from digging up clues in an attempt to discern the future.

Determined as they are, data miners have inevitably struck gold with their latest deep dive into the game’s files, yielding, among other oddities, references to a potential new event. Cattus, as it’s so-called, was initially believed to be a transitional affair meant to bridge the gap between seasons supposedly involving the mysterious monster recently discovered in-game. As per more recent leaks, however, opinions have changed.

A trio of posters discovered by Reddit user Smithstirini paints a different picture entirely…

Bizarrely, each appears to be inspired by informational flyers from World War II, even running with similar poses and slogans. Some creative liberties have been taken – soldiers generally didn’t dress in pink teddybear costumes – of course, but there’s no mistaking the similarities. Perhaps most exciting is the poster depicting a female character wearing a jetpack. Long have Fortnite fans requested the inclusion of flight-enabling Black Bling and Season 10 could finally be the one to add them.

As always, rumors of this ilk should always be taken with a grain of salt. While the leaked poster art certainly appears legit, there’s sadly no way of confirming their connection to the aforementioned Cattus event. We’ll be keeping close tabs on the story either way but in the meantime, Season 9 still has plenty to offer.

As of yesterday, Fortnite‘s 14 Days of Summer event kicked off to an explosive start. See here for all the details.

Source: Reddit

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