Lone Survivor PSN Release Date Pushed Back To September

lone survivor directors cut

This past week Curve Studios announced that the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita version of Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor has been pushed back from its original summer 2013 release window. The port of the 2012 indie survival horror game is now scheduled to launch on the PSN sometime next month.

London-based Curve Studios broke the bad news on their Twitter account, saying:

“Lone Survivor on PS3/Vita is delayed until September. Many apologies, but we’d rather release an amazing game later than a good game early.”

As disappointing as the news of the delay is, it appears that the extra development time is being put to good use. Earlier this month Jasper Byrne revealed that the PSN version of Lone Survivor has undergone “hundreds of tiny little changes and improvements.” Apparently, the changes are so drastic that the indie developer has now titled it Lone Survivor – The Director’s Cut, as it “looks and sounds pretty different” from the original PC version.

September is not all that far off at this point, so it should not be long before Sony and Curve Studios are ready to nail down Lone Survivor‘s PlayStation launch date. We will keep an eye out for any further updates and let you know as soon as they are announced.