Madden NFL 13 Lists This Year’s Best RBs And QBs

Let’s talk sports for a bit. Specifically, let’s talk football. Madden NFL 13 is right around the corner, and come Augst 28th, I’m finally going to be able to complete the dynasty my Patriots so desperately deserve. But until we get to that point, there’s only one thing I can do as a mature football fan: complain loudly about player ratings on a major website.

EA Sports has made my task a bit easier this year with a series of YouTube videos breaking down the top overall players for each position, and this week’s video shows us the top 10 overall RBs in the game. While it’s great to see guys like MJD and Frank Gore get the attention they deserve, I’ve got to ask where Fred Jackson is? That guy was on a tear before the injury. You can hop on the official Facebook page to vote on the top players for a few stats and as of this writing, LeSean McCoy is beating out Adrian Peterson as the most elusive RB in the game. Viking fans may want to try to swing that vote a bit.

If that’s not enough to start some raging, EA Sports listedindividual ratings for every quarterback in Madden NFL 13, and I’m sure this is going to get a few people riled up. But really, Tony Romo is rated higher than Michael Vick? I must have watched a different Cowboys team than they did last year.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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