Magic: The Gathering Arena Mobile Hit With Big Delay

Magic: the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering Arena players hoping to use their card collections on the go in the near future will need to temper those expectations for a bit.

On the company’s latest quarterly earnings call, Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner confirmed that the digital version of Magic, already a smash hit on desktop and, more recently, Mac, won’t be making its originally projected 2020 release date on iOS and Android. While Goldner stops short of providing a revised release date for the port, he goes on to specify that Wizards of the Coast is aiming for an early 2021 launch. Whether that window will be kept to is anyone’s guess, of course, as it certainly doesn’t seem set in stone.

While surely disappointing news for mobile gamers, Wizards has warned in the past that moving Arena over to the more compact platform that is mobile would be a mammoth undertaking, largely due to the various gameplay mechanics and complexities involved with displaying the same necessary user information on a smaller screen. This hurdle, however, appears to have been overcome some time ago, as previous teasers have shown the title running smoothly.

There’s still a sizable wait to endure, then, until Magic goes fully mobile, but in the meantime, there’s plenty going on in the world of Wizards’ flagship product to keep fans occupied. Following on from standard expansion Zendikar Rising‘s launch last month, November sees the arrival of the first-ever draft product created specifically for Commander.

The name, given to Magic: The Gathering‘s singleton format, continues to be one of the CCG’s most popular and, as luck would have it, previews for Commander Legends are scheduled to kick off later today. For a complete list of where and when to find each card reveal for the upcoming set, see here.