New Marvel’s Avengers Screens Reveal First Look At The Villainous MODOK

Marvel's Avengers

While Marvel’s Avengers will play host to a number of villains during the course of the campaign – Taskmaster and Abomination, to name just two, have featured prominently in previous trailers – the central antagonistic force in Crystal Dynamics’ ambitious title is Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M. for short.

At the forefront of advanced weapons development, the criminal organization (which disguises its dealings under the facade of an innocent tech company) employs some of the finest scientists around the world to mastermind its creations, including George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini. Both have genius-level intellect to rival that of Stark Industries’ Tony Stark, though while the latter lends their talents to use protecting the innocent, A.I.M. only does so in writing.

While Tarleton and Rappanacci may believe they have humanity’s best interests at heart, the ruthless pursuit of that goal isn’t exactly high on the list of desirable qualities for a superhero. Tarleton, of course, will eventually undergo the mutation that transforms him into MODOK during the events of Marvel’s Avengers campaign and you can check out what both look like in-game via the gallery below.

Given the vast pool of source material that Crystal has to draw from when presenting its own interpretations of such beloved characters, it remains to be seen how Tarleton will undergo his form change in Marvel’s Avengers, though game director Shaun Escayg tells what makes MODOK such a memorable villain is his complex personality and seemingly genuine, if grossly misguided, desire to better his fellow man.

Those interested in seeing the entirety of Escayg’s interview can do so by hitting the link below. Otherwise, you can find all of the latest news for Marvel’s Avengers ahead of next month’s launch by heading over here.