Maxis Details The Two Upcoming SimCity Games

As an old school PC gamer and developing curmudgeon, it’s fantastic to see that SimCity getting a fresh look. I lost more hours than I should admit building cities only to let an alien destroy them. The upcoming releases promise to bring me back to my childhood and create my dream city. Of course, this means I will immediately destroy that one as well. I like to stay consistent.

At the EA Games conference, Maxis gave us the inside information on the two new SimCity games we’ll see within a year. The first one is a Facebook social game titled SimCity Social, which looks to capitalize on the growing demographic. Zynga has already proved that a SimCity game could be profitable on the platform with their knockoff Cityville and Maxis has gone into more detail than its competitors with good and evil multiplayer mechanics on display.

Maxis also showed off a new trailer for SimCity on PC due out February 2012. The new trailer featured sports stadiums, airport construction, foggy cities and monster attacks, but it didn’t get into much of the unknown. Outside of being able to specialize your city to reach out to certain demographics, there wasn’t really anything being shown off that caught us off guard.

Hopefully some more news will be released throughout the week.