Metrico+ Arrives On Consoles & PC Next Month


It’s been eight months since Dutch indie game developer Digital Dreams has talked about Metrico+, the console version of their debut puzzle game, but now they’re ready to share plenty of information, including a release date. The enhanced port of the former PlayStation Vita exclusive, which is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4, will release August 23. This was announced by the studio on the PlayStation Blog, and they went to Twitter shortly afterwards to confirm details for additional platforms.

As the title indicates, Metrico+ isn’t just a port, and it’s been priced accordingly. The abstract puzzle game will cost $13.99 on all three platforms, although PlayStation owners will be eligible for a discount. Those that own the original game for Vita will be able to buy the updated version for $6.99 instead.

While gamers are accustomed to having cross-buy on Sony’s platforms, Digital Dreams are treating this as a brand new game. Their reasoning was explained in level designer Roy van de Mortel’s PlayStation Blog post which stated that there is “so much new content and other new features” that it’s more like a sequel than a basic port. Those that played the original game will remember that Metrico took advantage of all of the Vita’s unique features (touchscreen, rear touchpad, etc.), so it’s understandable that large portions of the game had to be reworked.

Metrico+ will include 40 new puzzles with all new mechanics, a different trophy set for gamers to unlock, and all new graphics. Digital Dreams also added a brand new story mode, a speed-running option, and a revamped soundtrack. It certainly sounds like the game will have a lot to differentiate itself from the original offering, so it seems like the new price point is well deserved.

We Got This Covered will have more on Metricofor PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as its August 23 release date quickly approaches, so stay tuned.