Microsoft Dates Stylish Platformer Ori And The Blind Forest For March


Microsoft and developer Moon Studios have slated Ori and the Blind Forest for release on March 11 across PC and Xbox One.

Originally due to launch at the tail end of last year, the studio pushed the platformer by three to four months in order to add an extra sheen of polish. Now, the title is on course for its anticipated release, though it’s worth keeping in mind that the Xbox 360 version won’t arrive until later in 2015.

Billed as a coming-of-age story, Ori and the Blind Forest will follow the titular sprite, encouraging players to explore a mystical realm filled with environmental puzzles and challenges. Accompanying you for at least part of this journey is a bear-like figure that can be glimpsed in the game’s concept art. From what we understand, this forest spirit will act as a surrogate mother figure essentially, setting up a very Studio Ghibli-esque arc.

But Ori‘s resemblance to all things Ghibli stretches beyond story, as the wonderful and lush aesthetic bears some semblance to the company’s greatest hits — Princess Mononoke, for example. And though the jury’s still out on whether the title can deliver on this pre-launch buzz, the latest gameplay clip (which you can check out above) showcases a visual delight, and all signs point to the game offering up a very Child of Light-like experience which, given the quality of Ubisoft’s JRPG love letter, has us feeling optimistic. Cautious, but mainly optimistic.

Moon Studios will beckon players on an ethereal adventure when Ori and the Blind Forest arrives on PC and Xbox One on March, while Xbox 360 owners can expect the visually astute platformer to arrive later in the year.

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