Microsoft Permanently Reducing Kinect Price To $109.99

After nearly two years, Microsoft has decided to permanently reduce the price of their motion-control peripheral Kinect. It will be marked down from the previous price point of $149.99 to the new $109.99, a reduction of $40.

This new price point will be enforced in North America, and similar cuts are planned for both Latin America and Pacific Asia. However, the reductions will vary from region to region.

In addition, on the 4th of October, a price cut will be enforced in Australia and New Zealand. Although once again, the actual reduction in price is still up in the air.

As of now, however, there is no planned Kinect price cut for Japan, Europe, the Middle East or Africa. That being said, I would expect that a price cut will take place at some point in Europe, as it is one of the system’s biggest markets. Not reducing the price in that region, but doing so in almost every other major region, seems like a bit of an oversight from Microsoft.

Either way, for those who have been waiting to buy the Kinect, now is your chance.