Microsoft Removes VR As A Scorpio Feature From Its Website


Has Microsoft decided not to launch its latest Xbox iteration, Project Scorpio, with VR? The removal of “high-fidelity VR” from the latest Project Scorpio website banner suggests this might be the case.

VR support looked to be a certainty for the upcoming console, having not only been listed on the aforementioned website but also as a feature listed on a banner at last year’s CES tradeshow. Indeed, the console’s surprise appearance at AMD’s booth had advertised Project Scorpio as offering both “4K Gaming” and “VR”. But “high-fidelity” has not made an appearance on a new banner, fuelling speculation that Microsoft does not intend to offer Oculus VR support for the console.

In the build-up to launch, analysts were already discussing the prospect of VR benefitting from Scorpio’s impressive horsepower. Last year, founder of Digi-Capital and CEO of Eyetouch Reality Tim Merel spoke with and said:

“The greatest potential for the Microsoft VR headset could come from bundling it with Xbox One Project Scorpio, which Microsoft has already highlighted as supporting next generation VR.”

Also speaking with the outlet, EEDAR’s Patrick Walker suggested:

“The increased VR capability of the Scorpio could provide a compelling reason for PS4 gamers to jump into the Xbox One platform.”

It would, therefore, certainly come as a surprise if Project Scorpio did not offer VR support. Have relations with Oculus soured, or has PSVR’s mixed success influenced Microsoft’s decision to include VR support for the console?

Of course, without any official statement from the company as of yet, the could merely be a mistake. Still, it does seem to be an odd oversight given VR’s recent arrival as a mainstream product, and especially considering VR’s much talked about future in the gaming medium.