Microsoft Trademarks Three Fusion Software Titles

When Microsoft trademarked some mysterious XBOX games not too long ago, one of those listed in the application was an XBOX Live Arcade game entitled, Fusion Genesis. The aforementioned title was one a few that were trademarked in Australia and Brazil. Now, Zunited have uncovered a series of U.S. trademarks that hint at the game being a part of a series, as opposed to a stand-alone title.

In addition to filing a trademark application for Fusion Genesis (serial number 85277651,) the computer gaming giant also filed applications for two other titles, Fusion Vault (85277645) and Fusion Sentient (85277650). You can search all three trademarked titles here, though there is only a limited amount of information regarding the games. They are all specificed as being, “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game.”