Musical Adventure Game Inside My Radio Launches January 19 For PlayStation 4


Fast-paced rhythm adventure game Inside My Radio hits PlayStation 4 later this month, and you’re going to want to get some good sunglasses to play – you won’t be able to handle all the color on screen without them. Making the announcement on the PlayStation blog, co-founder and producer of Seaven Studio Olivier Penot explained what it is exactly you’ll be doing in the game.

Inside My Radio is a challenging, rhythm-driven adventure where your actions must follow the beat. If you do an action off-beat: music dies and nothing happens. You have to synchronize with the beat! Welcome to a world where music is your best ally: never, under any circumstance, should you play on mute.

You’re an electro green LED, Taek, mysteriously trapped inside a dying boombox. Save your disco and dub buddies to bring back the music to life! Journey through different worlds, each of them having their own musical style and variations. Picture the game as a record where every level is a different track.

Besides the obvious appeal to music buffs and those that adore twitch gameplay, Inside My Radio has a pretty nifty narrative angle – your character is a small LED light struggling to survive inside a dying appliance.

Having to play in tune with the game’s music mechanics may sound restrictive, but Penot says that certain areas of the game world will enable you to compose your own music and play in a freeflow form in certain “jam-zones”.

Inside My Radio shreds its way onto PlayStaton 4 next week for $14.99, with a 20% discount exclusively for PS Plus members. Interested? You can check out the trailer above!

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