Namco Confirms Dark Souls For PC And We’ve Got The Scoop On Some New Additions

Called it! As you might remember, we were among the first to bring you credible news about Namco Bandai working on a PC port of Dark Souls back in January, and I’ve been bordering on obsession trying to follow up on it.

This morning in Las Vegas, Namco Bandi made it official by announcing Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition for the PC. From Software has been listening diligently to fans on how to properly make the port and has released a trailer showing off a few of the new enemies we can expect. On top of that, WGTC has found out that there will be some new elements included in this mouse and keyboard version of the game, including:

An online PVP system, to make searching easier
New areas including the Abyss Guard and Chained Prisoner
New NPCs such as Hawkeye Gough
New bosses including Artorias of Abyss and Chimera of Tomb
Brand new loot

Sadly, Namco Bandi has decided to include Games for Windows Live as DRM. While it’s not the most intrusive of methods, it’s sure to sour a few fans.

A release date has been set for August 24th for both digital and brick and mortar retailers, but I’m sure we’ll have much more information as we get closer to release. Stick with us as we continue to follow this development as close as we can barring the restraining orders or the attack dogs that met us at the gate last time we tried to walk in.

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