Naughty Dog’s Next Game Will “Get Even More” Out Of PS4 Than Uncharted 4


In little over a month’s time, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will swing onto PlayStation 4 and all signs point to Naughty Dog serving up a visually stunning adventure and, ultimately, a fitting conclusion to Nathan Drake’s globetrotting tale.

Set to push the PS4 hardware in the graphics and gameplay department, the studio recently teased that its next game could eventually “get even more” out of Sony’s current-gen console compared to A Thief’s End.


That’s according to Naughty Dog Designer Ricky Cambier, who spoke to DualShockers about the ways in which the developer could improve in the future.

“There are definitely areas that I can see that we will be able to do better things already, after this. You know, we have some really smart programmers at Naughty Dog, and I’m always pretty surprised of what they can do.”

Though it’s difficult to imagine Naughty Dog extracting more power from the PlayStation 4 following yesterday’s wondrous and extended gameplay demo for Uncharted 4, the technological leap from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and The Last of Us – both released on PS3, seven years apart – does give some indication of the “evolutionary jump” Cambier outlines.

“I have a hard time seeing that it will take the same evolutionary jump as you know… the difference between the first Uncharted versus The Last of Us is enormous,” he said. “But there is no doubt that the next thing we do, we’re gonna get even more out of that PlayStation.”

What exactly that follow-up will turn out to be, though, is another question entirely. The fact that Naughty Dog has built up Uncharted 4 to be Nathan Drake’s swan song indicates that the action-adventure series could be in line for a brief hiatus following the release of A Thief’s End next month, meaning The Last of Us 2 or a possible new IP could be the game Cambier is referring to.

Source: DualShockers