New Gameplay Screens For The Evil Within Paint A Vivid Nightmare

The Evil Within

Capitalising on the ever-approaching Halloween season, Bethesda has released a terrifying trio of images for its upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within. The screenshots, which you can tentatively peek at in the gallery below, offer us our first close-up look of Boxman; the menacing butcher who stalked the most recent trailer. What’s more, the company also published models of the antagonist over on its blog.

Initially announced back in April, The Evil Within is the latest from the creative mind behind the defining Resident Evil series. In terms of story, the game tells the tale of Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective who begins to unravel a disturbing mystery during a routine crime call. Promising a palpable sense of atmosphere and grotesque monsters, Bethesda’s title will retain the conventional, over-the-should perspective whilst implementing a litany of gnarly traps and puzzles.

Taking place between the realistic human world and the deranged realm of the undead, The Evil Within will pit our protagonist Sebastian into a psychedelic mental hospital where he must find the source of the titular malevolence. Since its unveil, The Evil Within has been hailed as the true return to survival horror for Shinji Mikami, and will serve as the first game from the director since Vanquish back in 2010.

Nevertheless, Mikami’s contribution to the genre can’t be understated. Throughout his career, the auteur has also worked on franchises such as Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis, and it seems for Bethseda’s latest title, Mikami will be using every gruesome tool in his idiosyncratic arsenal.

The Evil Within is currently in the bowels of development and is slated for release across Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC in 2014. For now, though, be sure to check out the newly released images in the gallery and leave your early impressions in the comments section, too.