The Original Umbrella Could Be Returning In Resident Evil 8: Village

resident evil village

Despite being no more than a few minutes long, Capcom’s initial trailer for Resident Evil 8 has already given fans cause to wildly speculate about the game’s plot. What significance does the sequel’s titular village have? What’s the deal with that werewolf-type monster? Why has Chris Redfield – formerly Mr. Nice Guy, seemingly taken a turn toward villainy?

Barring the emergence of any further leaks – and that’s a real possibility at this point, let’s face it – those burning questions will undoubtedly remain unanswered until the series’ eighth installment arrives next year, but there’s one other conundrum that may have already been solved. As per a translation of Famitsu’s recent interview with Resident Evil 8‘s producers (full details can be found here), the magazine believes it’s sussed out the significance of a certain scene found in RE8‘s reveal trailer.

As any fan worth their salt will know, the central design embossed in what appears to be some sort of puzzle pedestal is that of the Umbrella Corporation’s logo. As pointed out by Famitsu, however, this one mimics that of the original company’s calling card, not that of the anti-terrorist group, Blue Umbrella, introduced in Resident Evil 7. As to the significance of its presence here, there are currently two popular theories, the first being that Ozwell E. Spencer’s organization has risen from the grave, so to speak.

Possible, no doubt, but we believe it more likely that the village in which Ethan and Mia have relocated to was once a testing ground of some sort for Umbrella’s early bio-weapon experiments. This would certainly explain the strange goings-on around town and the presence of never-before-seen creatures. Pure conjecture, of course, and we’ll ultimately just have to wait until Capcom reveals additional details next month to learn more.

Resident Evil 8 is scheduled for release in 2021 for PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the latter version of which will feature integration with PS VR.