Overwatch Snags Game Of The Year At DICE 2017 Awards

Overwatch, along with Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End were the big winners of yesterday’s DICE Awards, although it was the former that ultimately walked away with the biggest honor of the night, having snagged the game of the year award. Both titles received four awards each, with the latter being recognized for its technical, narrative and animation achievements, as well as winning Adventure Game of the Year.

Blizzard’s shooter, on the other hand, received honors for its outstanding achievements in game design, as well as taking home the trophies for best online and action game. It’s hardly surprising to see Overwatch on the receiving end of so much recognition, considering its meteoric rise in popularity ever since launch last year, but a big part of why it continues to draw in large swathes of players is no doubt due to Blizzard’s continued and consistent support of the title post-release.

In regards to the other big winners of the night, indie developer Playdead received a great deal of recognition for its work on the acclaimed Inside, totaling three awards, including one for Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction which, for anyone who’s played Inside will tell you, is easily deserved. Unsurprisingly, Pokemon made a big splash at the ceremony too, scooping up the awards for Mobile Game of the Year and Handheld Game of the Year with Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon respectively.

For the full list of winners, see here.

As for Overwatch, the gears in Blizzard’s teaser machine began to turn once again this week, which has seen the developer start to hint towards who the game’s next playable hero will be. See here for everything we know so far.