Overwatch’s Insurrection Event Leaked Ahead Of Time, Includes New Skins, PvE Content, More


Blizzard just can’t keep anything Overwatch related a secret, can it? As has been the case with past events, including Year of the Rooster and Junkenstein’s Revenge, the shooter’s latest limited-time affair – Insurrection – has been leaked ahead of an official announcement from the developer, having been outed via a French trailer, which you can see for yourselves above.

The action that unfolds during the course of the trailer perfectly lines up with the various teasers dispatched by Blizzard over the last week or so, taking place in a past version of London and its King’s Row map during the Omnic Uprising. Given that Insurrection takes place seven years prior to the main game, some of Overwatch‘s colorful cast look markedly different to their current incarnations, with new skins for Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Genji shown off in the video. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest issues of Overwatch‘s comic series, it’s likely you’ve already seen most of the new threads on the way and they all look rather swish, especially McCree’s getup.

As for other content included, a new PvE mode similar to last year’s aforementioned Halloween tie-in will be included in the event, which takes place in the war-torn rendition of King’s Row and pits players against a horde of Omnic robots as various different heroes.

Both Blizzard’s initial teaser for Insurrection and the above footage mention Aprill 11 as the start date for the event, so expect an English-language trailer and more details within the next few hours. Stay tuned.

Source: GameSpot