Overwatch’s Rumored Halloween Event Inadvertently Confirmed By Sony


Following a leak last week on the Xbox One Store that seemingly outed some sort of Halloween event for Blizzard’s Overwatch, several more have since surfaced that have all but confirmed the existence of the spooky promotion. Besides the below image, which was spotted on Reddit earlier today and depicts Roadhog sporting a Frankenstein’s Monster getup on the official Taiwanese Overwatch page, Sony has followed Microsoft’s lead and provided their own premature reveal.


The weekly ‘New on PlayStation Store’ post on the EU PlayStation Blog lists, at the very bottom, four different ‘Halloween Loot Box’ DLC packs for the popular shooter, which come at x2, x5, x11, x24 quantities. The post lists the release date for each as October 12, which, as you’re probably aware, is tomorrow.

Considering all of the above, you can probably expect Blizzard to make their own formal announcement either later today or early tomorrow, although at this point, there’s little reason for them to do so.

We’re still not sure how many new character skins are arriving with the promotion, but you can probably expect new emotes, sprays and voice samples to be included as potential rewards for each Loot Box. What’s more, it looks as if Blizzard could be very close to making a new character announcement, what with an image leak over the weekend of what many are suspecting to be the long-awaited Sombra.