PC Graphics Options For Quantum Break Have Been Revealed


When the PC version of Quantum Break was announced in February, there was a small furore surrounding the recommended system specs for the game. While those specs were revised a little after some closer inspection, it was still clear that Remedy’s new title would have a rather demanding nature.

Now the PC version’s settings have been revealed via Remedy’s official site, giving the chance for a look at how Quantum Break is likely to perform graphically. Notably, there are settings that allow you to lock the game at 30 FPS, turn off the HUD and play it at a 4K resolution.

Quantum Break also has basic options like texture resolution, SSAO and effects quality, along with shadow resolution, volumetric lighting and anti-aliasing. It is clear at this stage, however, that the only options for anti-aliasing seem to be basic ‘on’ and ‘off’ switches.

Quantum Break is hugely anticipated as Remedy’s first major release since 2010’s Alan Wake, and it will be available worldwide for Xbox One and PC from April 5th.