PlayStation 4 Owners Get First Access To Marvel’s Avengers Beta


Unless you’ve only just discovered the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of a certain superhero crossover headed to consoles and PC next year. First announced via a secretive teaser back in 2017, Square Enix finally unveiled Marvel’s Avengers to an excitable E3 audience via press conference yesterday, topping off an already enticing showcase of new and upcoming titles.

As the folks in charge of development, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has the unenviable task of appealing to movie and comic book fans alike with the superpowered action-adventure, though early reactions appear largely positive. Ultimately, what the ambitious project will truly live or die on is the quality of its gameplay, something that was noticeably absent from last night’s showcase. Should that be a cause for concern? It’s far too soon to say, but if one particular announcement to come out of the reveal is any indication, it would seem Crystal can’t wait to get its latest creation into players’ hands.

Likely the result of a deal brokered by Sony, PlayStation 4 owners will be the first to go hands-on with Marvel’s Avengers before anyone else via an upcoming beta. Specific start times are still forthcoming, though with a release date confirmed for early 2020, I imagine you’ll be using Hulk to smash things into oblivion sooner rather than later.

On a related note, it’s somewhat disappointing to see Sony continue to rely on anti-consumer exclusivity deals for multi-platform titles such as these, especially in light of the goodwill fostered by confirmation that future DLC will be completely free. Likewise, with as-yet unspecified exclusive bonuses planned for PS4 players, blowback from Xbox One and PC audiences is all but inevitable.

But that’s enough from us. What are your initial thoughts on Marvel’s Avengers? Love it? Hate it? We want to hear from both camps in the comments section below!