Launch Day Stock Of PlayStation VR Already Sold Out At Major UK Retailers


If pre-order figures are any indication of the potential popularity of PlayStation VR, it looks like Sony’s device is already set to be a hit when it launches later this year.

The UK’s biggest dedicated video game retailer, GAME, updated their pre-order page for the device recently with the warning that any pre-orders placed after April 8 are not guaranteed to be fulfilled on launch day. The notice reads: “Please note: All PlayStation VR pre-orders placed after 8th April 2016 are not guaranteed for launch.”

Likewise, just hours after being listed on Amazon, the headset appears to be sold out there too, making it increasingly difficult to secure one for release day. We expect the scalpers to start swooping-in and list them on eBay any day now (if they haven’t already).

The story seems to be much of the same in North America, too. Pre-orders are no longer available at GameStop or Amazon, but it appears that Best Buy still have units available.

Of course, despite all of the promising pre-release interest, the supply issue could always be a matter of Sony not manufacturing enough stock to meet demand.

PlayStation VR launches October 11 worldwide. Secured your pre-order already? Let us know what games you’re most looking forward to playing on release date.

Source: VideoGamer