Pokemon YouTuber Pulls Shadowless Charizard Potentially Worth $75,000

Pokemon Charizard

A Pokémon YouTuber has hit the jackpot scoring one of the most expensive Pokémon TCG cards in history from a vintage card box during a live stream over the weekend.

YouTuber Lee “Leonhart” Steinfeld opened on stream a box of first edition base set Pokémon cards and within one of the final packs in the box, the content creator pulled the most sought after card from the box, the shadowless first edition Charizard.

If you want to see him open the pack it takes place around 1:22:00 of the live stream. Understandably, Leonhart was in shock when he pulled the card from the pack warning that he might faint, but luckily that didn’t happen.

A first edition shadowless base set Charizard is nothing to joke about. Earlier this year, one of the cards graded at a PSA 10 was sold for $75,000 during an auction. While Leonhart’s card could potentially garner this kind of price, nothing is for certain as it is determined greatly by the PSA scoring if he chooses to grade the card.

Grading a card takes into account a variety of features from the condition of the card, which is probably great as it is pack fresh, but also uncontrollables like centering and other factors.

Pokémon cards have seen a massive influx in both interest and price over the last 24 months thanks to content creators and likely the pandemic. This trend will likely continue as older cards become rarer to find and collectors are forced to the resale market rather than purchasing a vintage box for themselves.