Pokémon Go September Community Day Event Rewards Revealed

Pokemon Go

There’s one constant you can always be sure of when logging into Pokémon Go. Come rain or shine, the mobile title always has content to satisfy idle thumbs, not just with its suite of permanent game features, but never-ending new, returning and rotating events, too. Why even right now as you read these words, Niantic is handing out gifts like they’re going out of fashion as part of a limited-time affair. Every last ounce of necessary information regarding that occasion can be found through here but suffice it to say, it’s in your best interests to make as many friends as possible.

As for today’s news, the latest in a long line of monthly community days is confirmed to begin on September 15th and run for the usual three-hour period.

The critter scheduled to receive the spotlight this time around is none other than Turtwig. Regardless of location, you’ll have between 11 am and 2 pm to catch as many of the Generation 4 Grass-type starter Pokémon as possible and don’t concern yourself with being too greedy.

Send enough of the leaf-headed turtle away to the Pokémon Farm in exchange for Candy and you’ll be able to evolve one into a special version of its final form that learns a move exclusive to the event. Strangely, Niantic is keeping tight-lipped on what that special ability will be, although the mystery will ultimately solve itself in due time.

It’s worth noting, too, that only those Turtwig evolved into Torterra during the period will be illegible to learn the sought-after special move, so stocking up on the ‘Mon prior to kick-off will do you no good. Thankfully, achieving the feat shouldn’t be too challenging, what with the usual raft of benefits returning once more to bolster your chances. Triple Stardust, as well as extended timers for Pokémon Go lures, will be in effect for the event’s duration. Plant yourself in an area populated with several Pokéstops and you’re all set.