New Pokémon Sword And Shield Reveals Coming This Week

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield are quickly becoming the most controversial additions to Game Freak’s core RPG series. The pair, which will be the first in franchise history not to release on a Nintendo handheld console, are scheduled to make their home on Nintendo Switch this fall. With new, more powerful hardware, comes greater ambition on the developer’s part, some results of which we’ve already seen with the likes of multiplayer raid battles and the Galar Region’s gorgeous Wild area.

Those, along with headlining Dynamax and Gigantamax features, certainly paint a picture of the biggest Pokémon games to date, but some fans aren’t convinced. In fact, following confirmation at this year’s E3 that Sword and Shield will restrict the transfer of existing ‘Mons to a select few, many have decried the move as lazy and/or a total deal-breaker in regards to whether a purchase is made or not.

In light of that fallout, Game Freak has reassuringly stated that it hasn’t ruled out reintroducing more Pokémon via post-launch patches, though silence has largely become the norm since then. Until now, that is. As per the announcement below, brand new details for Sword and Shield are scheduled to arrive later this week.

Great news, then, but don’t hold your breath for any further developments on the above. Instead, Game Freak will undoubtedly be using this airtime to unveil a batch of Galar-exclusive Pocket Monsters. There’s a high chance, too, that the studio will go into further detail regarding Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s new mechanics and, if we’re lucky, perhaps something entirely new? Several leaks preceding the games’ official announcement have since turned out to be accurate, but there’s much still unaccounted for.

We’ll find out for sure, either way, on August 7th. Be sure to check back later this week for our breakdown of everything covered in the presentation.