Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go‘s massive Ultra Bonus event has entered its second week and is positively bursting with lucrative rewards.

Whether you consider yourself a battle-hardened Pokémon Master fit for endgame raids and PvP or simply prefer the less competitive side of Niantic’s hit mobile game, there’s something here for Trainers of all tastes to sink their teeth into. A wealth of limited-time activities are present this time around so without further ado, let’s get to unwrapping Pokémon Go‘s latest update.

First up is the increased accessibility to regional exclusive creatures. This elusive collection of ‘Mons are usually only found in specific places around the world, oftentimes being confined to an entire continent. From now until September 16th, however, Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Tauros are ignoring their usual boundaries. The catch? There isn’t one, though in order to register each to your Kanto Pokédex, you’ll need to start hoarding eggs.

Rather than appear in the wild, all four must be obtained by hatching 7km eggs obtained via gifts from other players. In other words, the more friends you have, the better your chances. As always, any of these hatches have the chance of being a special Shiny variant.

As for the more action-packed side of proceedings, legendary beast trio Entei, Raikou and Suicune have vacated five-star raids in order to make room for Deoxys. The extremely rare meteorite Pokémon has four different forms and each will have a chance of appearing for the next week or so. A word of advice: take nothing but your strongest Pokémon into battle if you wish to catch the Generation 3 legendary – it’s a tough fight.

Pokémon Go players have exactly one week to sample the delights of Ultra Bonus Week 2, whereupon its various bonuses will be replaced with a third round of special surprises. Stay tuned for all the details.