The Predator Has Officially Landed In Fortnite


We’ve had hints that the galaxy’s ultimate hunter would be coming to Fortnite for a while and today, the Predator has finally arrived. While his skin isn’t unlockable just yet, the v15.20 update has added a set of Predator challenges which will get you in-game items themed around him. The most interesting new task is to find a “mysterious pod,” the craft that’s brought him to the island.

To complete this, head to the northwest corner of Stealthy Stronghold where you’ll find a spaceship that looks to be some kind of landing craft. Approach it and you’ll knock off a challenge that unlocks the Predator banner icon. The other two available challenges are fairly simple as well. To unlock the Plasma Caster reticule, speak with Beef Boss (at Durr Burger), Remedy (northeast of Pleasant Park) and Dummy (north of Pleasant Park), and to get the Heat Vision Hunter spray, just collect three medkits.

There are six more challenges to come on January 20th, so presumably that’s when players will have access to the full Predator skin. Here’s hoping that we get selectable styles with and without his mask, a Plasma Caster back bling, a Wrist Claw pickaxe and a Predator growl emote.

So far, Season 5 of Fortnite has seen a wide range of skins added from many companies, with Kratos from God of War and Master Chief from Halo particular highlights. As the theme of this outing appears to be hunters, I’d love to see Nintendo join the party, too. Metroid‘s Samus would make for a particularly cool skin, though I bet trying to agree to a licensing arrangement to let her appear on Microsoft and Sony consoles is probably a nightmare.