Marvel’s Avengers Is Getting A Prequel Comic Book Series

Marvel's Avengers

Fans eager to get their hands on Marvel’s Avengers still have an agonizing wait ahead of them.

The action-adventure title, being developed by Tomb Raider creator Crystal Dynamics, isn’t due to land until summer next year, nearly a full 12 months since its initial unveiling at E3 six months ago. Hardly surprising, then, that followers of Earth’s greatest superhero team are getting antsy, but don’t worry – Marvel at least has some special reading material headed to print soon that’ll help you pass the time.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Marvel’s Bill Rosemann revealed a new limited comic series based directly on Crystal’s upcoming action-adventure. The final number is yet to be confirmed, but it appears, judging by Rosemann’s reveal of issue #1’s cover art, that each of the iconic team will get their own dedicated story, the first of which will be Hulk.

Check out the impossibly angry green giant for yourselves below:

It remains to be seen what, if any, bearing each individual story will have on the overarching narrative of Marvel’s Avengers itself, though as prequels, we’re expecting some meaty character development to complement Crystal’s own interpretations of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Ms. Marvel and, of course, Bruce Banner’s alter ego. At first glance, a brief summary of the issue gives nothing away in that regard, but look closely – there could be a vague teaser in there.

As the incredible HULK, the monstrous alter ego of scientist BRUCE BANNER, he’s done good for the world. But with the virtually uncontrollable, gigantic green rage monster always bubbling under his skin, Banner has teamed up with an inquisitive scientist in an attempt to regulate the beast once and for all. As their experiments go deeper, a catastrophic event may spell the end for more than just Banner’s curse!

Who is this “inquisitive scientist,” you ask? We can’t say with any certainty, but with Marvel’s Avengers already confirmed to feature villainous organization AIM, there’s a case to be made that both are connected in some way. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has attempted to harness Hulk’s power for themselves, after all.

With any luck, we’ll get some answers when Marvel’s Avengers #1: HULK arrives early next year.