Project Spark Will Launch In Early October


Microsoft will provide gamers with a bevy of creative toolsets this October, when Project Spark, its game-building title, officially hits stores. The game — which is currently available in beta form — will officially release on October 7 in North America, October 9 in the Asia-Pacific region and October 10 in Europe, and will be available in both physical and digital variations.

After having done away with the game’s original microtransaction system following beta users’ complaints, Project Spark‘s developers are excited about getting their vision into creative gamers’ hands. In fact, they’ve even sweetened the pot, by offering those who purchase the game’s $40 Xbox One Starter Pack an impressive amount of bonus content. Said list includes:

Galaxies: First Contact sci-fi pack
Sir Haakon “Hawk,” the Knight
Champions Quest campaign Episode 1
“Immediate access” to things like paid add-ons, content and features, “in a single package”

Those who have been playing the game on both Xbox One and Windows 8.1 will simply need to download an update in order to keep playing. By doing so, they’ll ensure that all of their creations will remain intact.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Project Spark as it develops.