PS4 Release Date For The Escapists: The Walking Dead Confirmed


The PlayStation 4 release date for Team17’s The Escapists: The Walking Dead has been revealed today in a new entry over at the PlayStation blog. Having already been released for Xbox One and PC players as far back as September last year, PS4 users have had more than their fair share of time to wait for the game.

The mash-up between the indie series The Escapists and Robert Kirkman’s immensely popular comic book series is another in a long line of properties linking to The Walking Dead in recent years. Far from falling by the wayside, however, the previously released versions of this game have proved to be successful.

You’ll control Rick Grimes as you attempt to lead he and his fellow survivors through an 8-bit, pixel art rendering of the devastated landscape. With perilous fights and daring escapes, there’s more than enough to get the blood pumping as you traverse the world searching for safety. When the action dies down, crafting and leadership mechanics will make the quieter moments just as important as the frantic ones; every action and decision in the game could prove vital in the quest for survival.

PlayStation 4 players can finally get hold of The Escapists: The Walking Dead from February 16th.

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