PS5 Release Date And Price Reportedly Leaked By Insider

PlayStation 5

As we inch ever closer to this holiday season, we’re going to continue learning more and more about next-gen gaming and the hardware that’s going to make it all possible. Microsoft started things off when they revealed their Xbox Series X last December, and they have plans to give gamers a glimpse of their slate of first-party offerings on July 23rd to show off the reasons they feel Xbox is the best place to play.

Meanwhile, Sony’s well-received PlayStation 5 reveal showed off 26 exciting new games last month and gave everyone their first look at the hardware itself. Sadly, however, both companies remain engaged in a stand-off with one another over the release date and pricing of their upcoming consoles.

Now, a new report from popular Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson claims that the PS5 will launch on November 14th in Japan and November 20th worldwide. He also says that the console will cost $500, though he doesn’t specify which of the two versions that price covers.

Of course, it’s widely accepted that the all-digital PS5 will retail for $50 to $100 less than the one with an included disc drive, so should this rumor turn out to be correct, the price is likely for the disc drive version and would spell good news for those seeking out an all-digital console for under $500.

It should be noted that, while Henderson is well-known for his Call of Duty leaks, there’s no evidence to support that he would have insider information about the launch date and price of gaming hardware. Either way, time is running out for Sony, as they’ll have to begin taking pre-orders soon to prepare to sell the PlayStation 5 later this year, so we should hear more precise details regarding the launch and price shortly.