Rare $60,000 Pokémon Card Gets Lost In The Mail

Mewtwo Pokemon

If this horror-story in the making won’t deter you from shipping valuables via the United States Postal Service, I don’t know what will.

As reported by CNET, an extremely rare and valuable Pokémon card got lost in the mail – it never arrived at its final destination, and worse yet, no one knows what happened to it.

Apparently, nearly a year ago, an eBay user shelled out $60,000 for a rather pricey Pokémon trading card, dubbed “Trainer No. 3.” Apparently, it’s one of the rarest in existence, as it was only given out to those who finished in third place at a “Secret Super Battle” event in Japan back in 1999.

The person selling the card managed to find a buyer on eBay, who lived outside of the U.S. In order to ship it internationally, the seller shipped off his item via USPS, where it eventually found its way to a Global Shipping Program center in New York City. From there, no one knows what happened to it.

It’s worth noting the card was signed for and valued at $50,000 – the highest amount that can be allocated for insurance purposes. While the item presumably had some tracking information attached to it, further updates were never recorded after it arrived in the Big Apple. This entire story was shared on YouTube by Smpratte, who claims to know both the buyer and seller. Smpratte has no proof, but his guess is that when someone at the GSP center realized the insured value attached to the item, they decided to swipe it for themselves.

The buyer is offering $1,000 for any information to track down the card’s whereabouts. Personally, we feel like Detective Pikachu might be best suited for this mystery.