Resident Evil 2 Remake Now On Sale For $45


The recent remake of Resident Evil 2 has been a smashing success with both its target fanbase and the gaming community as a whole. Though many were a bit skeptical at first about it, thinking that Capcom might deviate too far from what came before, it managed to retain the spirit of the original and, for the most part, told the same story.

True, it’s not exactly a perfect experience, but on the whole, the RE 2 remake is devilishly terrifying and a real thrill to play, delivering a healthy dose of pure survival horror retro-fitted for a modern audience. And after shipping a whopping 4 million units worldwide, you’d imagine that almost everyone who wanted to check it out has already done so. But for the handful of people who’ve been hoping to dive in and still haven’t, we’ve got some good news.

Resident Evil 2 is now on sale for $45, which is a pretty sweet deal given that it normally costs $60. You can grab it over on for both PS4 and Xbox One and all you’ll need to do is use the code EMCTWTU48 to get your discount. After that, the game is yours and you can experience all the horror and thrills it has to offer.

But once you’ve completed the campaign with both Leon and Claire and unlocked the true ending, what comes next? Well, we’ve heard rumors about a possible Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake, while we know that development has already begun on the unannounced Resident Evil 8, which may even switch back to a third person perspective much like the latest Resident Evil 2. That being said, take these rumours with a grain of salt for now as Capcom’s been keeping pretty quiet about everything.

Regardless, with three classic Resident Evil games headed to the Switch in May and new free DLC dropping for Resident Evil 2, it truly is a great time to be a fan of the franchise.