Resident Evil 3 Digital Pre-Orders And Pre-Download Now Available For Xbox One


Christmas might be little more than a stone’s throw away but for Resident Evil fans, there’s one present they’ll have to wait just a little bit longer to open. Just overshooting its predecessor’s upcoming one-year anniversary, Capcom’s Resident Evil 3 remake is scheduled to arrive in spring 2020 and is shaping up to be another surefire winner.

Starring Jill Valentine as the unfortunate hero this time around, the former S.T.A.R.S. member, like Leon and Claire, finds herself trapped in a nightmare of Umbrella’s making. Zombies, Lickers, Hunters, you name it – there’s no shortage of genuinely disgusting mutants and undead running amok on the streets of this once quiet city, but even they pale in comparison to the dreaded Nemesis. The ultimate bioweapon wants nothing more than to put Jill and her comrades in an early grave and will stop at nothing to do so.

Akin to the terrifying Mr X, Nemesis relentlessly pursues his prey and, unlike run-of-the-mill zombies, knows how to use a door. While Capcom has yet to divulge exactly how Resident Evil 3‘s big bad will function in the remake, fans largely expect the developer to be using an upgraded version of Mr X’s AI, making him far deadlier in the process. The odds of survival certainly won’t be in Jill’s favor, then, but she will have access to a number of options – such as a combat dodge and evasive abilities – to even the playing field.

Ultimately, we’ll just have to wait for Capcom to share the first highly-anticipated gameplay of Nemesis in action. If, however, you already like what you see, digital pre-orders for the remake are now live on Xbox One. To ensure you’re ready to go when the clock hits midnight on April 3rd, the option to pre-download is also available.

As for those that prefer to shop physical for their games, a special collector’s edition of Resident Evil 3 is currently up for grabs exclusively at GameStop. Check it out over here.

Source: Xbox