Resident Evil 3 Remake Features A Completely Reimagined Raccoon City

Resident evil 3

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3 is but a stone’s throw away and while fans have already seen the awesome redesigns of Jill Valentine and the monstrous Nemesis, perhaps the biggest star of all still remains shrouded in mystery.

No, we’re not referring to hired mercenary and Jill’s one-time partner Carlos Riviera but rather, Raccoon City itself. The metropolitan mountain town is considered one of the most important locations in Resident Evil mythology due to its ties to the Umbrella Corporation and the subsequent T-Virus outbreak that would eventually lead to its destruction.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the game’s developer put an extreme amount of effort into reimagining the city for modern audiences, to the extent that even fond rememberers of the original will find themselves requiring a map to get around its dimly-lit streets effectively.

In a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine (H/T, Comic Book), Capcom’s Peter Fabiano revealed that players will be able to “explore a lot more of Raccoon City this time,” adding:

“We have built it from the ground up, there is some reference here and there to the original, but it is Raccoon City reimagined. You can go into certain shops and see things you wouldn’t have been able to see before.”

That expanded scope has already been made evident by recent gameplay highlights, of course, with a short live stream last week teasing many of the storefronts ripe for being stripped clean of much-needed supplies. Plenty of reasons to stray from the beaten path, then, though Fabiano is keen to stress that this isn’t an open-world game by any stretch of the imagination.

Those all the more eager to get their hands on Resident Evil 3 can secure their own copy on April 3rd or, if you just can’t wait that long, get a first taste via the demo believed to be releasing later this week. See here for all the details.