Resident Evil 4 Remake Reportedly Won’t Play Like The Original

Resident Evil 4

For a game that has yet to be officially revealed, let alone confirmed, some particular individuals seemingly already know much about Resident Evil 4‘s remake. We are, of course, referring to AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem), who has yet again found themselves reluctantly spilling the beans on Capcom’s supposed reimagining of yet another classic over on social media.

Both from our own sources and others, we’ve been hearing for some time now that the survival horror’s landmark fourth installment is next in line to get a next-gen coat of paint following this year’s Resident Evil 3, though with Capcom undoubtedly requiring all hands on deck to see Resident Evil 8 out the door in time for its projected 2021 launch, it’s without a doubt that any reimagining of Leon’s encounter with the Los Illuminados is still a ways off.

According to AestheticGamer’s previous comments, in fact, fans shouldn’t expect to see the leak be made official until next year, with a subsequent release date of 2022 at the earliest. Before putting the subject to bed indefinitely, however, the reliable insider does tease that Capcom isn’t ‘just’ looking to re-release a prettier version of the same Resident Evil 4 fans know and love, but make extensive gameplay changes, too, stating:

RE4 back when it came out revolutionized the series & the gaming landscape as a whole, making it play just like RE2 & RE3 Remake or even like the original wouldn’t achieve what the original RE4 accomplished. That’s all I’m going to say for now, be ready to sit on this one for like a year until reveal.

What exactly the above statement alludes to is anyone’s guess, though at the very least, fans should expect the remake to provide a markedly different experience to that of the 2005 version when it finally does arrive. Can Capcom pull off such an ambitious feat, or is this a classic case of the developer biting off more than it can chew? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!