[Update, Confirmed] Best Buy Claims The Last Of Us Has Been Pushed Back To June 18th

According to the U.S. based electronics retailer Best Buy, Naughty Dog’s upcoming survival-adventure title The Last of Us has been pushed back six weeks from its original May 7th release date, and will now launch on June 18th. If this date turns out to be correct, it would put the game’s launch after E3.

Word of the potential delay first hit the inboxes of customers who pre-ordered The Last of Us from Best Buy early today, and the retailer later updated their website to show the later June 18, 2013 date. It also appears that Walmart has since followed suit and changed their pre-order arrival date to match.

Interestingly, even though early reports indicated that GameStop had also updated to the June release date, their listing is now showing the original May 7th launch date. Additionally, Amazon and UK’s GAME are also holding firm on the game’s original May date.

Sony has not yet issued a statement on the status of The Last of Us. Until they do, it is best to consider this to be a retailer error. We will keep an eye on the situation and update this post as more information is announced.

[Update] Sony and Naughty Dog have officially confirmed that The Last of Us has been delayed from its original May 7th release date, and will now launch for the PlayStation 3 this June. Full details on the announcement can be found in our follow-up article.