Marvel’s Avengers Pre-Orders Now Available And You Can Save $10


On which side of the fence do you currently stand in regards to Marvel’s Avengers?

Currently, opinions of Crystal Dynamics’ lucrative project appear split down the middle and in more ways than one. As is always the case for such high-profile reveals, hype accompanying the superhero-led action-adventure glossed over any potential concerns fans might have had in regards to the title but the dust has since settled. What Square Enix revealed during E3 was visually impressive, no doubt, but with gameplay remaining a closely guarded secret, I, at least, can’t help but keep expectations in check.

Disappointment, too, has been voiced in regards to some character designs and the no-show of a few heroes. Specifically, Captain America’s redesign has drawn particular criticism from fans, with Hawkeye’s total absence – strange, considering the character’s close ties to the confirmed Black Widow – also called into question. The former largely comes down to subjective tastes, of course, and it seems Marvel already has a resolution on-hand for the latter.

Fans willing to look past those truthfully mild foibles, however, can now affirm their interest in Marvel’s Avengers via pre-order. The gates swung open as of yesterday and yes, while there’s still plenty of time left to secure your copy, some retailers are already offering special deals as a means of winning your custom. Further discounts are bound to surface as release date inches ever closer, but for now, the best we’ve seen is from Walmart.

Pre-ordering with the site will knock $10 off the usual asking price, meaning you can pick it up for $49.94. Even with tax applied, you’re still looking at a final sum far below the standard $60 mark for triple-A releases, so it’s worth keeping in mind. Likewise, it’s always worth holding off until competitors start promoting their own special offers; the decisions’ yours to make.

Marvel’s Avengers is out May 15th, 2020 for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Stadia.

Source: Walmart