Rockstar Reportedly Considering A Red Dead Redemption Remake

Red Dead Redemption 1
Rockstar Games

The internet found itself digesting the news late last week, that Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar is reportedly planning to release remakes of several older entries in the massively successful sandbox series. But the powerful nostalgia trip might not be ending there.

As originally outed by Kotaku, remakes of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas are all said to be on course for standalone last- and current-gen console releases later this year, including on the Nintendo Switch. PC and Stadia are named also, though Kotaku stipulates that the latter two could be delayed until a later date. This is contrary to an initial aim of delivering all three alongside native versions of GTA V for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 as a “thank you” to fans. Though it’s not immediately clear if the former scenario would’ve seen all three given away for free or require a separate purchase.

Whatever the case, Kotaku notes that, should the initiative prove successful (highly likely, considering the franchise’s popularity), it could open the door for more classics getting similar treatment—including the original Red Dead Redemption. The game, which chronologically takes place years after its sequel Red Dead Redemption 2, follows ex-outlaw John Marston hunting down his former partners in crime. The game is now more than a decade old, although it’s still equally revered as its present-day-set sister series, naturally making it a prime candidate for the old spit-and-polish treatment.

With the recently acquired Ruffian Games (now Rockstar Dundee) said to be handling the trio of Grand Theft Auto remakes, one can only assume it’d be put to ask on this potential project, too. Whatever the case, you can expect to see and hear more in the near future, assuming the whispers prove true.

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