Here’s What Roy Burns Looks Like Unmasked In Friday The 13th: The Game


Though most hardcore devotees would likely agree that the fifth iteration in the iconic slasher franchise is one of the weakest entries in the series, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning will forever live on in our memories as one of the more noteworthy and experimental chapters thanks to one simple fact: The infamous butcher that lies at the heart of the franchise, Jason Voorhees, is actually – whisper it – dead. Like, dead as a blood-spattered dodo dead.

This didn’t stop the masked killer from “returning” in Part V, however, by virtue of a ham-fisted twist that involved a loner ambulance driver and the brutal, tragic murder of his mentally challenged son (in one of the most tense scenes from the movie, we might add). Despite a lukewarm reception from fans back in the day, Part V has gone on to have a bit of a renaissance in more recent times. Even though the inevitable twist is a little clumsy, it still remains a solid, grisly slice of Voorhees flavoured horror entertainment.

An example of Part V‘s modern resurgence comes in the shape of the aforementioned copycat killer – Roy Burns – recently arriving in the asymmetrical murder-em-up sensation Friday The 13th: The Game as a playable character, along with a new Pinehurst Youth Development Center map, the setting for Part V‘s bloody murder spree.

Speaking of which, we now have a couple of screenshots of the crazy paramedic, replete with his unique set of gardening sheers for those new and nasty weapon kills. Seen below, we get a good look at him without his mask on as he digs into a helpless victim. It’s probably fair to say, you don’t want to cross paths with this guy.

In related news, we also heard this week that developer Illfonic will be updating Friday The 13th: The Game with a deadlier and more terrifying Jason via a patch that arrives next week. Not only that, but they’re said to have even more updates in the works, too, which should be revealed in short order.

In other words, it’s a good time to be a fan of Mr. Voorhees!