[Update] Rumor: Crash Bandicoot, Kat, And Colossus Join PlayStation All-Stars

[Update] A new PlayStation All-Stars bio picture of Kat has surfaced. The image (seen at the bottom of this post) appears to be from the game’s official site, but has not been confirmed. Source: AllGamesBeta

Original article below:

Fresh rumors and a leaked screenshot suggest that Sony will soon reveal Crash Bandicoot, Kat (from Gravity Rush) and a Colossi (from Shadow of the Colossus) for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

The Crash Bandicoot leak is rumored to have come directly from Activision, via their support Twitter account. A recent Twitter conversation (which has since been removed, but can be seen in the screenshot at the bottom of this post) between a user and @ATVIAssist supposedly resulted in Activision support semi-confirming that SuperBot Entertainment will announce Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation All-Stars.

The Kat and the Colossi rumor comes from an unconfirmed leaked screenshot of the game. The extremely blurry image (seen above) appears to show Gravity Rush‘s Kat as a playable character, with a Colossi walking around the background of a Loco Roco stage.

None of this information has been confirmed, so all of this should officially be considered a rumor. With that said, there is a good chance that all of this is very real, because so far Sony has not be able to keep anything about PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a secret.

Since before the game was even revealed, almost every PlayStation All-Stars announcement has followed a very similar pattern. First, someone leaks a screenshot or says something that they should not say about the unannounced information. Second, Sony continues on with their big official announcement of the leaked information, and just pretends that nobody knew anything about it beforehand.

Over the course of the last month Sony has confirmed almost all of the previously leaked PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale characters, so the timing seems right for a new round of leaks to pop up revealing more unconfirmed characters.

Right now consider all this a rumor, and we will let you know as soon as Sony makes their big reveal.

Source: MP1st, Examiner

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