Rumor: Epic Mickey 2 For 3DS To Be Announced Next Week

According to the French Official Nintendo Magazine, Disney will reveal Epic Mickey 2 at an event next week along with a 3DS version of the game subtitled “Power of Illusion”.

The report originates from a ONM France tweet that reads “La présentation d’Epic Mickey 2 aura lieu la semaine prochaine. Une version 3DS, Power of Illusion, plus “classique” en 2D est aussi prévue,”, which roughly translates to “The presentation of Epic Mickey 2 will take place next week. 3DS version, Power of Illusion, more “classic” 2D is also planned, “.

A multiplatform sequel to Disney’s Epic Mickey has been rumored for some time now, so it’s not surprising to learn that the game will be officially announced soon. As for the 3DS version, it’s unclear if it will be a port of the console game or some kind of spin-off title. Assuming the rumor is correct we will have the answer to that question soon enough.

Source: EuroGamer

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