[Update] Runner 2 Launch Trailer Released, Wii U Has The Best Console Version

Rejoice Bit.Trip Runner fans! Gaijin Games has sent out the launch trailer for Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, and announced that the game will be available this week on PC/Mac/Linux (via Steam), Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita.

[Update] Gaijin Games has announced the following release schedule for Runner 2:

February 26th – Steam, Wii U
February 27th – XBLA
March 5th – PSN (PS3)
Summer – PSN (Vita), iOS

The game’s launch trailer opens up with what appears to be some extremely brief footage of the original Runner‘s bonus levels, then shows Commander Video being hit by a ray beam that sends him into the beautiful HD world of Runner 2. After that, we are treated to almost a full minute of gameplay video from the new game.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!

Last week Gaijin Games noted that all the builds of Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien “will squeeze your joy glands”, with online leaderboard support, solid framerates, cloud saves (PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and Steam), and achievements/trophies, but there are some minor differences between the PS3, Steam, Wii U, and Xbox 360 versions.

According to Gaijin the Wii U has the best console version of Runner 2, as it is the “newest platform with the most memory” and thus has the fastest load times. This version also features off-TV play on the GamePad, which is always a bonus.

The PS3 version has a few missing features (depth of field, shadow filtering, and end of level micro leaderboards), but has “sharper” and more “vibrant” colors as a result of the missing depth of field.

The Xbox 360 build appears to be the worst of the bunch, as it has the slowest load times. Gaijin noted that this might be fixed with future updates.

The Steam version is the most configurable, but “also the most volatile”. Which is not surprising, considering it can only be as good as your computer. Steam’s version also has the added benefit of being on sale right now.

Check out the launch trailer for Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, and look for the game to hit your favorite gaming platform this week.