Here’s Every Safe And Dial Lock Combination In Resident Evil 2


In the case of the original Resident Evil 2, I’ll never forget the combination to the safe in the Police Station’s East Office. Really, the numbers “2236” are forever etched into my brain. But I guess that wasn’t such a bad thing, especially since that combo held true for subsequent ports of the game – minus the one for Nintendo 64.

When it comes to the 2019 remake, however, you’re going to be encountering more than one during your Raccoon City adventure. And instead of forcing you to track down various files or come across hints for how to open various safes and dial locks, we’re going to give them to you right here. Needless to say, this quick reference will be especially handy for speedrunners – or if you happen to have Mr. X on your tail.

Here you go:

  • Police Station West Office (1F) Safe: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.
  • Police Station West Office (1F) Rookie’s First Assignment Dial Lock: NED on the left, MRG on the right. For fans of The Simpsons, you can easily commit these to memory by referring to them as “Ned” and “Marge.”
  • Police Station Locker Room (2F) Dial Lock: CAP. With this one, simply think of Captain America or some other superhero you adore to file it away in your brain.
  • Police Station Waiting Room (2F) Safe: 6 left, 2 right, 11 left.
  • Police Station Hallway (3F) Locker Combination: DCM.
  • Sewer Treatment Pool Room Safe: 2 left, 12 right, 8 left.
  • Sewer Control Room Locker: SZF.

When it comes to those Portable Safes found in the Police Station, well, the combinations to those are unfortunately randomized and need to be discovered through trial and error. And though they do yield spare keys for the Safety Deposit Room, nothing contained therein is required to finish the game. In fact, I no longer even bother with these whenever I play.

So, there you have it. Now that you’ve got all of the above combinations at your disposal, feel free to bookmark this article in your smart phone’s web browser. That way, your future Resident Evil 2 speedruns will go a lot smoother.