Search For The Treasures Of The Sun In Dungeon Siege III This October

Virtual hack n’ slash adventurers will be happy to know that details regarding Dungeon Siege III‘s first downloadable content pack has surfaced. Releasing in October for $9.99 (XBOX 360, PS3 and PC,) the Treasures of the Sun digital expansion will bring a new story arc into the fantasy role-playing game’s world.

The Aranoi desert will play a big role in this new quest set, as you venture out looking for the star’s trinkets. It takes players into an abandoned abbey, where user characters will get a beneficiary boost from some game-wide enhancements. The biggest change is that the game’s level will cap will be raised from 30 to 35, which will give ample cause for hacking at any monster in your path. Additionally, talent and proficiency points will be able to be relocated and a new item enchanting system will allow questers to improve their weaponry and armor. Add all of this on top of a new set of offensive and defensive healing abilities and you’ll have a pretty robust set of DLC to look forward to.

I enjoyed questing through Dungeon Siege III, so this is certainly on my radar. I was wondering if downloadable content would be announced anytime soon, due to the fact that there’s a prominent menu option for it in the game’s main title screen.