New Skylanders: Giants Videos And Screenshots Released

Skylanders: Giants is currently scheduled for an October 21 release in North America and as the launch date grows closer, Activision has geared up the promotional machine a bit more and released trailers showcasing two of the new characters and several new in-game screenshots.

The first trailer is for Chill, a Water-type Skylander capable of summoning narwhals and blocks of ice, among other projectiles.

The second trailer showcases Shroomboom, a Life-type Skylander who uses mushrooms and slingshots to attack.

Finally, several new screenshots show off both of these new characters in battle and their real-life figurines, along with several other returning Skylanders such as Whirlwind and Zook.

It is likely that more character reveals and gameplay details will be dropped for Skylanders: Giants in the weeks leading up to its release, and we will continue to report these updates as they announced.

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