Sony Developing Over 50 3D Games

“Overall we have more than fifty titles currently being converted into 3D, and this number is growing fast,”

Yet again Sony has an announcement to make. The company recently revealed that it has over fifty 3D games in development, and twenty of them are internal Sony works. These figures were given by SCEE studio director Mick Hocking at the Develop in Liverpool conference, and first published at Develop’s website.“Some of them are massive names,” he teased. “That’s a really, really good sign that the industry is behind our unique message that 3D is a key element in the future of home consoles.”

But Sony isn’t just sitting by and waiting for third-party developers and publishers to join in with them—Hocking said that Sony’s also offering training to interested companies, to “get them up to speed” with 3D.

He stressed an interest in teaching developers to “not only make it technically correct, but also be more inventive with it,” citing Killzone 3 as an ideal example. Despite how costly 3D technology is—for consumers and developers alike—Hocking seems optimistic, though that’s unsurprising considering his stake in 3D’s future growth.

“Interest in 3D is growing fast, and many different industries are investing heavily in 3D right now. … Once people see the range of amazing content that 3D offers, they’ll make the decision to buy a 3D TV set.”