Sony Investigating PSN Issues As YouTube App Finally Launches For PlayStation 4


On Tuesday, Sony introduced a rather hefty update for PlayStation 4 users. Branded with the moniker of firmware 2.0, the patch sought about bringing a hoard of long-awaited features to the system on the eve of its anniversary. Chief among those features was Share Play — a novel addition that allows players to pass on control of a game remotely to a friend over the Internet — enhanced broadcasting and, at long last, a YouTube app.

However, shortly after firmware 2.0 went live, PlayStation 4 owners started reporting issues with the hardware, which prompted Sony to bring down the PlayStation Network for temporary maintenance — a phrase that PlayStation 3 owners know all to well.

Currently, the PSN is officially back online, but the company has release a statement to say it is continuing its investigation into the problems.

“We are aware of issues reported by some PS4 users following the release of PS4’s latest system software update, v2.00. We are investigating these issues and will provide an update as soon as we have more information.”

All in all, it seems the issues are now only affecting an unfortunate handful of PlayStation 4 users, though we hope to learn more from Sony in the coming days of a permanent fix.

In case you haven’t had the chance to download Firmware 2.0 just yet, the patch introduces a series of new bells and whistles to the console. Undoubtedly the YouTube App — which now allows users to upload gameplay clips directly onto the platform by hitting the Share button — is the feature that players will perhaps be most excited for.

For more on the PlayStation 4’s new-fangled YouTube App, you can check out the detailed guide over on PlayStation Blog.